This is my second time renting for a longer term at the Common Space.

The first one was from a year ago during summer.

Summer is pretty hot in the Philippines and unfortunately, my small air conditioner in the room won’t do.

The Common Space has:

  • a friendly staff
  • fast internet
  • cold air conditioners
  • the owner responds to the facebook posts
  • they are easy to deal with
  • it’s own pantry with a fridge, microwave and sink
  • dedicated CR with bidet
  • outlets on all the space
  • meeting room for presentations

Common Space Rates:

  • Php 200 for three hours
  • Php 300 for whole day for students
  • Php 400 for whole day for professionals
  • Php 4,000 a month unlimited use from 9am-9pm.

There are twelve or so tables with multiple seats that you can go to each has a unique appeal.

Whether you’re in to working at a traditional desk, a cubicle type working area, a dinner table style space, a restaurant style booth, a bar style standing desk or just a large table with outlets.

Did I mention that they have outlets on all the space?

You never have to worry about extensions to plug in.

It’s usually on a first come, first serve basis.

I like to move around.

All the areas are equally good.

If you get distracted easily or you’re having a bad day.

Pack up and restart at a different area at the Common Space.

Visit the website of The Common Space here.

Thank you for reading.

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