Filipinos have a reputation of world class service.

In the 90’s Filipinos are known worldwide for exporting the domestic helper.

When the internet boomed, the Philippines became home to the Business Process Outsourcing industry.

Filipinos are highly agreeable.

Some filipinos I know personally are too agreeable.

I got into a lot of trouble by being too agreeable myself.

Photo of Carabao Takein in Pangasinan.

Then I started the carnivore diet.

Then I developed my ability to say no.

Then I learned to negotiate.

Then I picked up the concept that I can reject any proposal that puts me at a disadvantage.

When I share this with filipino friends, they are calling me crazy.

Not because I eat a large amount of meat.

But because I am trying to negotiate a better deal with my boss.

And saying no to some job offers that I determined that would put me in bad financial position instead of a better one.

I used to think of “serve others first and the money will follow.”

But every business owner I’ve met act in the opposite of this.

Sure they’ll also recite some form of the above philosophy.

But they don’t do it.

Allen politely declined bad clients.

Matt rejected clients.

Val just says no and walks away.

Josiah imitated Negan from the Waking Dead and stares clients down when negotiating and talks in a confrontational way and even referred to my soft-spoken friend who I referred as a client as too demanding and troublesome.

Jason rejects clients too and never gives discounts.

My dad is a take it or leave it, my way or the highway kind of guy.

These people have been fed well.

And eat a low sugar and carb, high protein and fat animal based diet.

In comparrison, many filipinos act as slaves.

Some have habits that make them okay workers but never excellent ones.

That’s probably because of our diet.

It is intentionally designed to make us slaves.

I’m really hope I’m wrong with my conclusion.

Most of my family try to eat a plant based diet. They’re not vegans but they eat a lot of plant based food and only a tiny amount of meat.

The article by Return to Now writes about:

  • Early humans before agriculture have stronger bodies and bigger brains and modern humans are puny.
  • Agriculture solidifies class divide.
  • Hunter gatherers share food and resources.
  • Royal families have better diets and practice hunting.

I’m re-reading this.

Agriculture is the Worst Mistake Humans Ever Made by Return to Now

Thank you for reading.

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