Finances are an area of life we often prefer not to look at.

In a lot of situations, we feel the topic is too complicated or intimidating.

And it is.

If you’ve ever spoken to insurance sales people, financial planners or read business books or talked to a person who advocates financial independence, then you are probably aware that you need to prepare for a lot of eventualities in life.

The loss of livelihood is an issue we can expect to happen.

You’ll need funds for emergenceis, accidents, hospitalization, funds for the family education and more.

All it takes is just one or two financial disasters to set your plans off track.

The other reason why some of use would prefer not to see our financial sitiation as it is, stems from an extremely more difficult reason to admit.

We either didn’t prepare or didn’t prepare enough.

And we feel that it’s too late to go after our personal financial targets.

We believe that we deserve to be unhappy because we, like many others judge ourselves and our situation poorly.

Thank you for reading.

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