A few months ago, I got invited by Euna to an event with the Philippine Animal Rescue Team.

They were holding the event as a fund raiser, supplies gathering and to give the attendees to adopt a dog or a cat.

Stray dogs and cats are common throughout the city. If they’re not facing loneliness, abuse or being converted into siopao or roadkill, these animal activists pick them up, groom them and feed them well. I’ve seen photos that look like a beauty product comercial where a half dead dog or cat gets restored. It’s a lot like “Kings of Restoration Animal Edition.”

We had lots of fun and made some friends both human and animal.

If you’re into dogs or cats, instead of buying one, you might want to consider adopting one. When you do, you get to buy local, and at the same time you save a local critter from a fate of homelessness, loneliness, depression, dying from hunger or a future as a delicacy or roadkill.

After the event, we got to explore La Mesa Eco Park.

I’ve always wanted to go here for some reason. I’ve been hearing about it but I have no idea what it is.


  • It’s a park with some hills that allow very light trekking.
  • There’s lots of space to have a picnic, sit around and actually do nothing.
  • There’s a pool but I don’t feel like swimming here, the pool will mostly be full.
  • I imagine this as a nice and quiet place to write.
  • It’s not a bad idea to do a cheap date here enjoy the fresh air and do nothing day. Practice meditation or something.
  • We saw a couple doing their pre-nuptial photoshoot here.


  • It’s cheap the entrance is under Php 100 so it’s almost fool the time we went (February 2014).
  • Sometimes it’s awkward to linger because there are a lot couples making out. Seemed like a destination place for people who don’t feel like or have a budget to get a room.

It was a good experience and depending on your mode you will love visiting this place or you will hate visiting this place. I did but I’ll leave that you to discover for your self.




Thank you for reading.

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