Many people consider me weird. I consider myself weird. In a lot of cases, I end up not agreeing with popular stand points. Everyone wanted to move to the states or some first world country. I would love to stay in the Philippines. People see opportunity elsewhere. I see myself staying in the Philippines to make my living.

I can’t remember a time when I tried to made a point or explained my preference where people agreed with me.

  • What if you don't need to pay an institution to teach you? What if you can learn things on your own?
  • I read in a book that people who succeed in business are people who can solve problems for people who are willing to pay for the solution they come up with. Since everybody complains about the condition in the Philippines isn't it a good opportunity to solve problems for people and make some money on the side?
  • Some Italian guy I met in a convenience store told me that Filipinas are amazing. He sincerely told me. Don't ever get an Italian wife. They will divorce you after they find out how much money you exactly have. You are young, he said and I do not want you to experience the same mistakes that I made.
  • I stayed at a condo with strangers in Ortigas. A Korean room mate told me that Korean girls are too practical. If you don't have lots of money, they will eventually leave you for someone who does.
  • What if you delay spending money the moment that you get it (When I was younger my dad gave me Php 400 and I used it immediately to buy a Cable action figure in the nearest toy store shortly after the money landed in my hand.) and use the money you build up for something you never imagined you could afford?

The list goes on.

I love the Philippines and while you don’t see me watch the news, I do love it. I don’t post pray for the Philippines and bangon Pilipinas during national disasters because I believe that there’s more than I can do to contribute to my country.

I started this blog to make new friends. I made a lot. I have met the most interesting people here. There’s just something missing. You.

Yes you. I’m writing this blog post for you. I’d like to invite you to come here. I’d like to eventually meet you. I don’t care how long it takes.

We could hang out. Maybe travel together or go for a beer (I don’t smoke anymore). I’m also learning how to cook. You can have lunch here but I’ll make you contribute for some ingredients.

We could chat and talk about things. While you make your plans and arrangements for the visit, I’ll keep sharing stories on what I’ve been up to.

Filipinos are different from what you see and what you’ve heard. I have no idea what you’ve seen or heard but you will eventually know for yourself.

It’s beautiful but not perfect so, I’ll be posting lifehacks on how to deal with situations that I found difficult along the way.

I look forward to finally meeting you.

I hope you enjoy the tips and stories.

Kevin Olega

Thank you for reading.

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