How Filipinos Can Change The World

Post written by Kevin Olega. Follow me on twitter.

A lesson from Filipino’s about Minimalism

Filipinos have the potential to be the ultimate minimalists because of how a lot of them are able to survive on minimum wage while buying several useless toys. The average Filipino professional makes less than $300 and the great majority of the workers makes less than $200 and the masses try to survive on less than $100

Yet a lot of them are able to buy the latest Nokia, china and iPhones. Go to malls regularly, and eat fast food as the staple diet. Starbucks is very profitable here. Establishments that have premium price for their products or services are thriving. Restaurants and coffeshops that offer free wi-fi are full. How is it possible with a $300 monthly income a foreign friend asked me? I didn’t have an answer. Its just that Filipino’s are really creative at budgeting.

A proposal for Filipinos only. What if you ditch buying stuff you don’t really need and make sure your families needs are met and well taken care of? The extra? What if you can use it to help others?

I know you heard this suggestion a lot of times already but how do you think people who are generous and have a lot of money will be reacting as soon as they find out that people who earn minimum wage or less are able to provide their families needs and help a lot of people at the same time?

Imagine the results.

Do you want people to stop hoarding cash for themselves? It starts with us.