How To Bike To Work

The post is written by Kevin Olega follow him on twitter.

I recently bought a bike and I finally took it to work. I work the graveyard shift and I biked from 3am to 4am to get from Paranaque to Makati. I wasn’t really good at using my bike then and I had it on first gear to Makati. The route was from our village to the east service road till I get to Chino Rocess but I took a wrong turn, ended up going through the military base, then the Fort and I exited through Mc Kinley road, crossed EDSA and arrived at Makati. As I biked through Makati, the scenery was beautiful. I had so much energy at work. The downside is that if you go home in the morning the same route is scorching hot.

I haven’t done it since. I lost my bike pump and I’m buying a new kit and I’ll bike to work again. I’ll update you.

In case you want to give it a try yourself.

Here are the things you need.

1. A change of clothes. You’re going to sweat a lot if you bike to work so it’s always a good idea to carry a fresh change of clothes to go to work. 2. Bike tools. I was on my way to a bachelors party when I noticed a shiny object on the wheel of my bike. It was an earring. I had to push my bike to the bar and it’s a good thing my friend brought his big car. Have some tools to change your tires and reconnect your chain. The good thing about bikes is you don’t need a spare tire. You need a small bike tool to remove the rubber interior and replace it. Pump it and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to bring a bike pump. 3. You need a chain or a bike lock. 4. Bike lights. You need one for the front and one for the rear. You don’t really get to use these to illuminate the way. I guess the high end lights enable you to but it helps you get noticed at dark roads.

Have you tried biking from Paranaque to Makati? What was your experience?