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This is my personal reference of Carnivore Diet links.

There’s a lot of carnivore diet references.

Jordan Peterson’s Story on How The Carnivore Diet Helped Him with Depression

Jordan Peterson’s Interview About The Carnivore Diet.

Why the Carnivore Diet Works

Why Carnivore Diet Works

Okinawa Study - Japanese Longevity

Vegans are misrepresenting longevity and citing long life of the Japanese.

Here’s the study they quote. Unfortunately nobody reads it and just nods their head because Japanese Restaurants serve ramen and sushi rice. But if you read the study, it’s actually the opposite.

Okinawa Study.

Carnivore Diet is Biblical

Carnivore not Vegetarian Diet is Biblical

Facts About Amazon Rainforest Fires

Amazon Misinformation.

Fruits and Vegetable Consumption Risks Depression

Fruits and Vegtable Consumption risk depression

Fruits and Vegetable consumption risks depression

All Meat Diet Was Already a PROVEN Healthy Diet in the 1950’s.

7 Reasons to Eat More Saturated Fat.

Australian Government Recomends Eating More Red Meat to Fight Depression

Australian Government admits surprise.

Resource Websites

Meat Heals

Don’t Eat That - Mikhaila Peterson’s Blog

Asra Conlu

Asra Conlu is a Filipina Raw Primal Carnivore

Dr. Ken Berry

Dr Ken Berry is a doctor who recommends the Ketogenic and Carnivore Diet to his patients.

Dr Ken Berry

Dr. Shawn Baker

Shawn Is a Doctor, an Athlete, a Father and a proponent of a Carnivorouslifestyle.

American Record Deadlift 772lbs (350kg) Natural Association Of Strength Athletes (pure Division - Lifetime Drug Free Class) 2000

Dr. Shawn Baker