Carnivore is the ultimate minimalist diet.

I previously explored a plant heavy diet.

The first few meals I learned to put together at home are salads, and some form of vegan chilli.

I also ate a lot of buttered broccoli.

I’ve been eating that for several years.

Cutting down on meat mostly because of financial reasons.

Then I felt drained.

Then depression and anxiety went into overdrive.

I was always waiting for death.

I even bought a cute anime girl figure that represented death to remind me to look forward to dying.

And since I’ve been looking at vegan recipes on YouTube, I noticed that some people posted videos on how they stopped being vegan.

I’m aware of Paleo, Keto and All-Meat diets.

I’d like to try them but those are expensive.

My kitchen tools match Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay and Hannibal Lecter’s.

I have more knowledge on spices than the regular homecook because of my meatless chilli.

But here’s the thing I realized lately.

Putting together a salad uses a dozen ingredients.

Putting together a meat-less chilli requires almost twenty grocery items.

So I just said fuck it and started buying steak for Php 500 or so a kilo.

Get the pan to medium to high heat till it’s smoking.

Drop the steak in.

Twenty second countdown.

Lift the steak for ten seconds.

Flip to the other side.

Twenty second countdown.

Transfer to plate.

Rest five minutes.

Then enjoy.

These days, I only use the pan.

And one large plate.

I now eat with my hands.

It feels more natural.

I don’t have anything to think about anything else.

Now I’m seriously considering letting go of five boxes of kitchen tools.

Eating steak everyday is not as expensive as I initially thought.

I only eat once or twice a day.

I spend about 300-400/day on average for one or two meals.

Some notes.

As far as calories go, I really eat allot.

My budget is 2kg of greens a day.

I pack a giant lunchbox to work of baked broccolli with

I really try to look at things from a vegan point of view.

The 4 Hour Body has a chapter called Meatless Machine which focuses on vegan athletes.

That’s the inspiration from the initial try.

Started doing one day a week and became plant-heavy 90% of the time.

Standard diet is already 60% plant based.

Over time, I realized that the plant-heavy diets are unnatural.

I initially didn’t want to believe this but there’s something called the law of equivalent exchange.

Life is required to support life.

And plants, even if you try to mix different species of plants is not enough.

I’m not doing it for weightloss.

I’m doing it for mental clarity.

And it feels great.

Self care precedes environmental care.

Some people insist balance diet:

It’s not minimalist.

Give it more thought.

One pan, one plate, one minute of preparation.

Eat with your hands.

I also tried not cooking the meat.

That’s more minimalist.

But I still enjoy the meat warm. So I kept the cooking step maybe 70% of the time.

When eating out, I just order liempo/steak or whatever. If the meal is bundled with rice, I just take out and give it to someone at home.

Dinuguan is my go to food if I’m eating out.

Sometimes I say I’m diabetic so people don’t try to force-feed me rice/carbs.

I’m not diabetic yet but we have diabetes in family history.

Meat definitely helps cut down sugar cravings.

When I was vegetable heavy keto, I just find myself losing control of myself and going to mini stop to buy 200 pesos worth of cloud 9 and choco mucho.

Turns out I’m not getting enough animal fats.

Chicken isn’t very nutritious. Even with vegetables and supplements. Bodybuilders use chicken in what they call the “cutting phase” where they try to reduce their size for aesthetic purposes by creating a large nutritional deficit. Unfortunately, my work requires a lot of problem-solving and the meat is a good supplement.

Meat allowed me to say no to sweets, rice and carbs. Also easier to prepare.

Human body is made of meat. So it only makes sense that we’re powered by meat.

Our body is not designed for eating plants. We don’t have 4 stomachs. We have a carnivore digestive system with a consume plant ability for emergency survival. Not the other way around.

Vegetables doesn’t feel very natural. I grew up watching Discovery Channel and Nat Geo and it seems to me that the more intelligent species have intelligence to be able to kill and eat the less intelligent species.


My poop is soft. I used to think that fiber is a necessity. It’s not. It just comes out normally. I think you only need fiber if you’re eating a lot of carbs because thats’ the same material used to create paste. Which is also true because when I eat carbs, my poop sticks to the toilet like epoxy.

Red Meat doesn’t cause colon cancer. That is based on cherry-picked data.

And plants like rice, wheat and whatever else are guaranteed sources of diabetes.

Carnivore feels spiritual and ecologically lighter. Kasi plant based requires 40 grocery items.

That’s 40 trucks and 40 plastic products.

Eating meat is also part of spiritual practice.

It helps me accept transience of life.

Grow gratitude and pray with my meals.

I’m also sick of vegan brainwashing that I got from the recipe sites.

The ancient Vikings and Mongols only ate meat and drank blood. And I grew up watching Nat Geo.

Human vegans appear unnatural.

I get eating vegetables as a famine survival trick. But it’s not enough to keep the brain healthy without expensive supplementation.

Some vegab trued to argue with me that Vikings and Mongols have shorter lifespan.

Short lifespan is because of wars. Mortality is caused by death in battle.

I’ve seen hundreds of hours of the vegan debate.

I see it as unnatural.

Just people lying to themselves.

I don’t freeze my meat. I either cook it or eat it as is.

You do you. Eat your greens. Meat-eaters need vegans because they keep the price of meat low. Let’s all work together.

If you are vegan, please stay vegan for as long as you can stomach it.

I find this Vegan YouTuber cute. She looks sick though. Vegans who go all in for five years or longer look deteriorated.

Puro compassion for the earth pero no self-compassion.

Beef and lamb seems better for me. If I eat pork I need 3 meals. If beef and lamb 1-2 times only.

Balanced diet doesn’t work for me. And besides a balanced diet by today’s standards taken with a critical eye looks unnatural.

Meat is real food. That’s what we’d eat in the wilderness. That’s the traditional food in the Bible and whatever. If you saw Nat Geo growing up, humans killed things to live.

Also, law of equivalent exchange.

I’m still not used to just getting meat from the grocery store and eating it out of the plastic. And I like to appreciate and enjoy my food instead of just tearing it apart in a hurry. it can be a little fun though. Onlookers reacting like they saw a character from a horror movie in real life just discreetly eating meat from a plastic concealed in a paper bag.

Vegan logic is influenced by something I find questionable. But yeah. I’ll stick to eating true human food thank you very much.

One minute prep time or uncooked meat can’t be beaten. Two minutes a day is still 700 minutes a year vs 16,425 minutes a year.

The environment is composed of the individual. So if you care for the environment you take care of the individual.

Steak is cheaper than chicken considering how I only end up eating once or twice a day and feel satiated longer.

I feel like transforming from living like a lamb to a predatory animal. I feel so awake and in control of myself. I imagine there are trade offs but not being depressed is probably worth whatever risks I’m taking with this way of eating.

There’s also this video.

I’m not saying it’s the healthiest diet.

It’s probably one of those protocols that optimize performance at the cost of longevity.

And that’s fine with me considering how sugar and carbs are triggering anxiety and depression for me and I’m reviewing material that explores how plant products contain the plant’s defense against predators in the form of antioxidants and oxylates.

I’m just saying it’s the ultimate minimalist diet.

Meat is a single ingredient.

And one minute prep time checks the minimalist box for me and I’m getting real benefits.

That’s all I’m saying.

Just conclusions from personal experience.

It seems you’re attacking me for using a reference that occured on the show. An ad hominem attack which is a cheap shot. I’ve seen hundreds of hours of vegan material. People in their twenties who look like they are fifty. I imagine veganism is optimized for longevity at the cost of turning a person into a prune over time. These guys you’re quoting are actually being sued for spreading cherry-picked information. But since you’re vegan, I don’t think anything I share will make a difference so I’ll stop here.

I don’t freeze the meat. I leave it in the fridge so it’s ready to go when I need to eat.

I’m not trying to win any debates here. You can watch the video and the story that the guest was sharing. You can also check the credentials of the guest.

I’m not trying to become a bodybuilder. I’m happy with my current results.

Pre-Carnivore Grocery List

  1. Lettuce
  2. Cabbage
  3. Beans
  4. Lentils
  5. Broccoli
  6. Squash
  7. Carrots
  8. Salt
  9. Cucumber
  10. Tomato
  11. Garlic
  12. Onion
  13. Carrots
  14. Sweet potato
  15. Kimchi
  16. Cumin
  17. Cloves
  18. Cinnamon
  19. Smoked Paprika
  20. Turmeric
  21. Curry Powder
  22. Salt
  23. Whole Pepper
  24. Apple Cider Vinegar
  25. Balsamic Vinegar
  26. Red Wine Vinegar
  27. Sherry Vinegar
  28. Olive Oil
  29. Spinach
  30. Kale
  31. Bok-Choy
  32. Thyme
  33. Basil
  34. Cashew
  35. Almonds
  36. Green Peppers
  37. Feta Cheese
  38. Eggs
  39. Seaweed
  40. Olives
  41. Capers
  42. Japanese Mayo
  43. Butter
  44. Djion Mustard
  45. Supplements

Pre-Carnivore Menu:

  1. Greek Salad
  2. Meatless Chilli
  3. Steamed Bok-Choy/Cabbage/Kale/Spinach
  4. Curry Lentils
  5. Carrot and Cucumber Salad
  6. California Maki Salad
  7. Baked Butter Broccoli
  8. Stirfry Cabbage
  9. Home made Pesto

Then there’s the time penalty, you can’t do a full week of groceries because everything needs to be fresh and sometimes go bad.

Carnivore Grocery List

I typically only buy one or sometimes two items a week

  1. Lamb Chops
  2. Beef Shanks
  3. Heart and Liver when buying in the market.
  4. Brain (wishlist)
  5. Salt

Carnivore Menu:

  1. Steak
  2. Bulalo
  3. Sashimi

This is also the reason why I think eating just meat is better for the environment.

Meat only requires less fossil fuel and plastic.