I’m not really a chef or had any training in the culinary arts.

When I was young, I cut my hand with the sharp tip of a butter knife. I was five or six then so all I remember was spraying blood everywhere. As I’ve said I was five or six then so the memory might be a bit exaggerated but this event resulted in me not being allowed to assist in the kitchen again.

I learned to cook by imitating chefs on TV shows. Because I don’t fully understand the concept I just imitate each step, use the same ingredient or the same cooking gear as close to it as possible or as I can afford.

I bought a good chunk of my kitchen gear at Landmark Makati. Landmark has a nice selection of imported kitchen goods from brands that I recognise from shows I watch..

The price is cheaper than the price in other shops.

They accept credit cards.

Here are some of my recent purchases.

  • Salad spinner (Masflex Php 200++ I wanted the OXO salad spinner from the posh shops but it's not often available and it often costs close to Php 2000. I'll make do with this one until I have no money. I don't mind cranking the wheel on top of this cheaper alternative for the meantime.
  • Roling pin. I saw the long smooth asian roling pin for less than Php 200. It's cheaper than ones I see on baking supplies stores and other department stores. Good buy.
  • Soft silicone coated whisks. Less than Php 200. I use this to avoid damaging my non stick pan and make scrambled eggs.
  • Digital probe thermomether. I got mine for Php 400+. Most of the stuff I found costs between Php 600 to Php 1000++. The one I got here is good enough to get started. 
  • Garlic Press (Trudeau). This is the second top recommendation from america's test kitchen. You can google the you tube clip. I got mine for Php 600.
  • Faberware measuring spoons and cups. Good quality cups in my favorite color. Orange.
  • Sieve. I got mine for less than Php 200.
  • Chopping board. I got a big one for less than Php 300.
  • Baking tin.
  • Roasting rack.

Consider visiting landmark department store’s kitchen selection you might find something you’d like.

Thank you for reading.

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