I buy meat from the same places.

March 19, 2020 at 4pm I hopped on my bicycle to go to BF to get some meat.

I got to the Lopez gate and the guards tried to block me when I said I was on my way to pick up food that I ordered at the meat shop.

I naturally persisted because I really wanted to get food because our food stocks at home are low.

I didn’t speed off or anything.

I just kept going on my bike and ignored the guards.

I heard a motorcycle chase after me.

And exactly like in a TV police chase he overtook me and made a sharp turn that blocked my path with his motorcycle in a way that almost crashed my bike.

I should be yelling.

But I kept calm.

The guard was screaming at me.

I see the camera on his chest.

I persisted that I am going to buy food.

He tried to pull my bike away from me.

I moved the bike behind me.

A van pulled over with an older security officer asking for ID.

I showed them my ID.

I live in BF but not inside the gate of where the meat shop is.

I asked how I was supposed to get the food?

The guard said I should tell the store to deliver the food at the guard house.

I said no.

I said I’m sorry.

I’m getting the food.

The guard who blocked me went toward the motorcycle and I can tell he’s about to try the same stunt to make me crash my bike again.

Only this time he means to injures me.

I repeated that I live in BF and I was just buying food.

I slowly began to walk because I know that the next time he takes his bike he means to run me over.

I saw his hand slowly move closer toward his pistol.

I began to notice the many onlookers.

So I raised my voice.

I said I was going to get food from the store.

Are you going to try to shoot me or run me over with your motorcycle?

He stood taller to try to intimidate his hand unmistakably moving to position like a gunslinger.

He has a recording device.

I make a mental note.

Let’s see what happens.

You’re about to find out.

He responded in tagalog.

He’s not denying that I anticipated his intention correctly.

I live here and I worked here and I’m just going to buy food.

I yelled one more time.

With more people looking, he can’t shoot me I thought to myself.

But if I kept going on my bike he would probably run me over and claim that it was an accident.

I forgot to get his name.

Though I suspect a video of myself in that situation may be on the internet somewhere.

If it gets posted, it might reveal who he is.

The guard who blocked me radioed to call the cops.

The older security officer asked me to call the shop and ask them to deliver the food at the Lopez gate.

I seriously doubt the store will be able to given that it is just a meat shop.

The guards were not listening.

I tried dialing but my call isn’t reaching the number.

Since I have been delayed long enough I figure the shop is already closed.

I decided to head back.

So much trouble for trying to persist in buying meat.

I really don’t know what to make of it since because I’ve never been in a position where a security guard from the area that I buy food are suddenly extremely aggressive.

BF has already blocked Grab food from picking up orders from restaurants inside BF homes.

That’s the main reason why I had to get food myself.

So even if you have the money to order food, your options will be extremely limited.

This is day three of the community quarantine.

I wonder what happens when it becomes more difficult to get food.

I try to imagine day 30.

Real people are beginning to behave like the assholes you see in disaster and zombie movies.

Truth is stranger than fiction.


I initially posted this on my Facebook page.

I got a mix of responses.

And yes, I know it is a quarantine.

One guy explained that even if my ID says BF Homes, my specific subdivision is outside of the boundary of the gate.

We had a proper discusson on where the boundaries end.

And even if my ID says Barangay BF Homes, it is not officially BF Homes.

I told him that’s fucked up.

It’s like living with a family for decades and knowing that you’re part of that family and finding out in your thirties that you’re adopted and that your ability to buy food is cut off because you are adopted.

He said he got me.

He offered a solution to make an order and make the guy who post trike service take it to the gate for me.

He said he’d be baffled the same if he was in my situation and encouraged me to comply.

He told me that BF is stressed because Alabang Hills, it’s next door neighbor has a confirmed case of the Corona Virus.

I thank them for giving a proper answer and for acting like a decent human being.

Many of the comments that I received were an “Us vs Them” kind of response.

The guard is justified in resorting to violence and should have shot me.

Said a BF resident.

It’s as if there are only two kinds of people.

  1. People with ID’s from inside the gate. (let them in)
  2. Non-Humans (keep them out)

I suspect this is what management instructed the guards to do.

I probably read a hundred people in the comments who are angry at me for trying to persist in trying to get food.

I got a full angry mob in the comment section.

Someone said that I was acting “entitled.”

The person who responded properly later posted that the subdivisions outside the gate including the ones with gates along President’s avenue like Tahanan, Teoville, Maywood, Jackilou and all the other surrounding subdivisions are part of Barangay BF and NOT BF Homes.

So even if your address says BF Homes, if you’re not living inside the gate, you’ll need to get your supplies somewhere else.

I get that now.

I now understand the people who went panick buying and hoarding all the supplies.

Because in times of crisis, the community that you grew up in, that you believe to be your home turns out to be not home.

You’ll even lose your ability to buy food from the stores.

A friend who lives inside saw the post and offered to buy the food and deliver it to me.

Thank you for reading.

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