Crispy Panchetta on Potato Salad with Tarragon Mayo

This is a complex dish because you have to:

  1. Make tarragon mayo.
  2. Steam potatoes.
  3. Fry Panchetta.
  4. Assemble the ingredients into the fancy potato salad

I use this dish to impress and have sold this at work and used this to impress girls.

This is a best seller.

Make the Mayo

Do this first.

You’ll need a mixing bowl and a whisk.

Chop the tarragon. Mix the egg yolk with Dijon mustard, then slowly add the oil (usually drop by drop) and whisk until the mayo forms.

Steam The Potatoes

_Do this next.__

Wash and steam the potatoes. Slice into halves or quarters. Then steam until tender.

Fry the Panchetta Bacon.

Do this last.

Fry the Panchetta until crispy then remove from pan. Brown the exposed parts of the steamed potatoes and allow the potatoes to rest on the pan juices to absorb the flavor.

Mix Together

Cover some parts of the potatoes with the tarragon mayo. Do this individually for presentation.

Carefully arrange the potatoes on the container.

Top the potato salad with the crispy Panchetta and garnish with Tarragon.