• Luke 8:40-55
  • The story of Jairus. some background: Jairus is one of the most influential men in his community who went to Jesus to beg for help because his daughter was dying. On the way, he encountered difficulties and on the way, he encountered road blocks and delays to getting what he came for. It also came to a point where it all seems lost. It’s a good picture of common obstacles that we encounter, how we respond, and what is the alternative that the Bible is trying to teach us. I would recommend that you read the story.
  • No matter how successful you become you should never forget who Jesus is and what he is capable of.
  • Every time things don’t go our way or the way we expect or imagine, we need to remember that God is in full control of the situation.
  • How many times has God’s message not match what I am expecting? In those situations, “what is He trying to teach me?” flashback: God is more interested in my character development than my personal advancement or item acquisition.
  • I will hear a lot of conflicting messages to what Jesus is telling me.
  • Faith is choosing to listen to Jesus instead of the other voices that I hear.
  • It takes faith for God to move and without faith we can not experience miracles.
  • If you’re the only Christian in your household any you’re praying for change, then invite Jesus into your household and begin the change by responding to situations as Jesus would flashback: When I was an atheist, I read a quote about how the atheist community had no objections to Jesus and his message but they are rather repelled by the way many people who claim to be followers of Jesus conduct themselves.
  • It doesn’t matter what you know but what you believe that counts.
  • God expects me to continue after the miracle is completed. I am expected to do my part.

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