Spend Faturday at JCO


I ended up eating five and a half of seven.

Last year I went on a strict no carbohydrate and sugar diet. During my cheat days I’d invite a friend to join me pig out on cards and sugar.

J CO is a famous doughnut and coffee place. It always has a long line every time we pass by.

For this Faturday I’m joined by Cj one of my friends from work since five years ago. 

Because it was faturday, I asked one of the makers which had the highest calories. It was avocado,  creme brulé, chocolate and one of the cheesecakes. See the box for reference.

Some of my friends complain that JCo donuts are light as if filled with air and I like that it’s super soft and absolutely delicious.


JCO Megamall Budget: Php 150-250 per person Model: Cj