When you live in the Philippines and you have no car and will be taking public transpiration it’s usually a hassle to find seats during rush hour.

I almost always get seats in the MRT or in a bus. Here’s a quick trick I use to find free seats.

In most cases, people don’t pack themselves tightly enough to accommodate more people so to almost everyone, there seems no choice to remain standing.

In a bus I already know that there’s a side that seats 2 passengers and a side that seats three passengers and six passengers at the back I the bus. I look for free space by counting the heads vs the seats as I enter the bus to find free space and in most cases there’s a couple of invisible seats nobody seems to notice.

On an MRT: Both sides of the MRT can fit an equal amount of people. I simply count the number of people on one side and the number of peoria on the other side and if the number is no equal, I look for small gaps or spaces between the seated passengers and ask if I can still squeeze in/kasya pa po ba? Then I’m seated.

If you live in the Philippines, what are your commute tips?

Thank you for reading.

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