I normally recommend staying awake through out most bus trips especially if you’re alone. There are times though that you will have to take a five or ten minute nap on a bus because you stayed up late partying the night before.

I have done it several times at first, with fear but after a few more times I think I could sleep on a bus safely when I need to. Here are some of my tips.

Pick a good seatmate - I normally pick someone cute to sit with so I have someone to talk to if ever I get bored. The other real reason is I don’t want to keep my guard up for pick pockets all the time so I often sit next to cute girls, nice old ladies or whatever that feels safe. I know it’s bad to judge seat mates based on appearance but it has worked for me so far.

Take the window seat - If I’m alone I normally take the window seat and I try to sit next to nobody if I can’t find a good seatmate.

Put your valuables against the wall and leave your open pockets empty. When I say open, I mean pockets you can’t guard with your hand. When I get myself a window seat I discreetly move my phone and my cash on the side that’s against the wall/closed window. That way I can take a nap with my arm or hand covering my valuables all the time and it is next to impossible to take my stuff without me knowing.

Know your destination - It’s a pain to take another bus back after waking up to find out that you missed your destination. You better have a good estimate of the travel time or ask the conductor or driver (if you’re seated near him) to wake you if you’re near your destination. I also recommend doing it twice as sometimes they tend to forget. I also recommend moving closer to the exit whenever you can.

Do you also sleep on the bus? Feel free to share your tips in the comments below.

Thank you for reading.

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