There’s a lot of debate whether Jordan Peterson is a Christian or not.

He insists on not being identified as Christian.

Because what you mean by believe and what you mean by Christ is different from what he means by believe and what he means by Christ.

The other reason why he doesn’t answer the question is because the question super simplified.

And the intention of asking the question is that is being asked to just trigger outrage.

I see a lot of Christians insisting starting the conversation about being saved.

I don’t think being saved is the goal. It’s just a starting point for many people who convert to Christianity but not the main point of Christianity.

Jesus said.

in John 10:10:

Version NIV:

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

Version NASB:

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and [a]have it abundantly. [a] John 10:10 Or have abundance

Modern Christians who claim to have the true interpretation focus on the getting saved part.

Modern Christians who preach a prosperity gospel is focused on the prosperity part.

Life is a complex process with many parts.

So when you say life to the full. That’s several areas.

And that includes:

  1. Getting enough sleep.
  2. Eating right.
  3. Doing well at your job.
  4. Not letting people bully you.
  5. Using your intelligence to take care of yourself.
  6. Growing where you are planted. (Joseph and Nehemiah reference)
  7. Applying the lessons of the stories in the Bible to your life.
  8. How to raise your children.
  9. How to enjoy life.
  10. There’s a lot more and I need to get back to work so I’m stopping here.

It’s not get saved at all costs.

It’s not get rich at all costs.

JBP is talking about a different conversation.

He’s not overtly focusing on get saved.

He’s not super focused on get rich either.

JBP’s conversation is about areas of your life that doesn’t get any attention because the current focus of the conversation is get saved or get rich.

But that’s just me.

Stranger on the internet:

Except it IS get saved at all costs because that’s what the parable of the pearl of great price is about. And the parable of the rich young man. And the parable of the sower. And the parable of the lost sheep and denarius. And the parable of the foolish old rich man. And so much more. Eg. For what shall it profit a man If he gain the whole world but forfeit his soul?

You’re talking extremes brother. That’s how they manipulate people into becoming suicide bombers. Problem is, a person who’s miserable will be unable to love other people. That’s why the conversation is to “get your life in order.” Can’t sincerely proclaim that you love God if you hate your brother. You’re aiming for the heavens but you can’t be trusted with little things. That’s the conversation JBP is having with people. We are talking about the whole message of Christianity. Not just a few verses that can be used or twisted to get people agreeing to an all or nothing mindset.

Behavior is a manifestation of what a person truly believes.

A person can insist that he “believes that Jesus is Lord and savior”

Another person can say nothing but “live his life as if Jesus is Lord and savior”

One is “all talk” the other is “all action.”

We probably need both in the world with more action than talk.

JBP gets negative responses from this.

But I bet.

If you weren’t trying to trap JBP he’ll tell you he believes in Jesus and loves God with all his mind, soul and strength and loves his neighbor as himself or at least tries to, to the best of his abilities with the grace of God.

But because the reason why people who are asking him about his faith are just trying to “trap him” he’ll decline the person’s invitation to have the stupid argument.

Thank you for reading.

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