Why Do I Want To Stay In The Philippines?

Its a common mindset for Filipinos to want leave the country to work overseas for higher pay. Since Filipinos are service oriented we took advantage of this by having our people work for expat packages or sending workers to places with a significantly higher pay. Filipinos have been doing this for a long time and is getting better at it so it’... Read more

Go to the Philippines for a New Begining

There’s a story about some Nazi officials who hid in the Philippines shortly after World War 2. The story went on that they had the resources and were just biding their time and waiting for the opportune moment to bring the world to it’s knees. Others say that they are fully capable of world domination. Upon arriving at the Philippine shores,... Read more

Textbook Philippines Info

The Philippines is a country composed of a group of 7,100 islands and is one of the preferred hubs in Asia due to it being accessible to a lot of locations around South East Asia and the proficiency of the Filipinos with the English language. The Philippines is the preferred travel spot of several visitors from Europe, Canada, Australia and t... Read more