Quick Guide to Places to Live in the Philippines if you're on a Budget

This is a quick guide I put together for people looking for a place to stay and are on a budget. I hope this will help you out. Please contact me for questions so I can include information when I update this guide.

  • Rent a house or an apartment in a Regular village $500 up -  This is usually a price of a house in a typical village in Metro Manila. Prices may vary depending on the size, accessibility, and the offer of the owners. This is the usual option if you have a family or would want a bigger place to stay. An advantage to renting a house or an apartment is that you'll have space for parking. If you don't have a car the villages are typically 2-3 rides to your target location.
  • Rent a condo $500 up - Renting a condo in Metro Manila usually means that you prefer accessibility over the size of real estate without compromising on comfort. A typical condo in Metro Manila usually has its own clubhouse which may include a pool, gym and other facilities. Condo's are typically accessible to pretty much anything you need
  • Rent studio $200-$300 - Renting a studio is  the best option if you'd like your own place but at the same time keep the costs down. Renting a studio in the Philippines that you'll be getting a place that may be part of a house, compound, building, etc. Since it varies from place to place. I would suggest that you look around different studios before taking your pick. Studios generally are a bit larger than a room and usually is more flexible for your needs.
  • Rent room $80-$150  - Renting a room is a good option if you're pretty okay with sharing space with others. Rooms for rent usually means shared, bathroom, kitchen and common areas. Sometimes you can get your own bathroom.
  • Bedspace $20-$50 - Bedspace is another term for room sharing, which means you'll be sharing space with different people. If you're okay with that then this is the option for you. When looking for bedspace options, scout in nice looking places first. Personally I don't recommend bedspacing in ghetto areas since water is hard and the smell is usually unpleasant.  If its just you and you want to live in the philippines cheap, this is as cheap as it gets.

Please note that this is an estimate of the usual rate in the city. Cheaper  options are found in the province or semi-provincial locations or in ghetto locations within your favored city.

If you're really looking for a place in the Philippines. Just go to Sulit.com.ph then type the location you're looking for then type your budget. Just browse through your options and ask around.

Please add peso equivalent, a little more info and format properly

Thank you for reading.

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