Tips for Riding the MRT

If you’re like me you probably hate taking the MRT. Sometimes we really don’t have a choice but brave the hassles of taking it. Here are some tips to make the trip more bearable: 1. Buy 2 stored value tickets at a time. - if by any chance you have to take the MRT regularly you would want to avoid long lines. MRT lines are really long and it would make sense to take them as few times as possible. 2. Be aware of extra long range ticket lines - there are times when the MRT management are kind enough to set up extra ticket booths for people going to Cubao and North Avenue (for notrhbound trips) and Ayala and Taft (for southbound trips) only but it sometimes makes sense to pay an extra 2-3php to avoid the long lines. These lines are usually shorter lines than regular ticket booths. 3. Prepare exact change- Lines are sometimes shorter in the exact fare lanes. 4. Know where the entrances are - the train stops at set spots which means that the entrance and exit doors open at the set spots. Be there so you can enter first. Pay attention to the (now almost non existent) markings on the floor tiles that indicate the entrance. It helps in finding it. In time you’ll know exactly where it is. 5. Find a seat not everyone sees- I count the number of people seated on both sides of the train bench and if it’s uneven there’s usually one seat that’s vacant. Go to the bench with a smaller number of people. Look around for spaces between people and when you find a small gap politely ask the preson if you can still fit and make it loud enough so some people will hear you and move to make some space for you. I usually say “Excuse me! Kasya pa po ba?” Then they move to make space. 6. Bring an alcohol- sometimes you are left standing through out the duration of the trip and will be forced to hold on to the dirty handrails. You can easily clean up after using alcohol. 7. Put your bag in front of you and pay attention to its zippers - sometimes thieves perefer to pick-pocket in the MRT because it’s easy to move around and get close to people undetected. Be really aware of your belongings. 8. Know your drop off station - the MRT is usually full and the window of opportunity to get on and off the train is slim. Get close to the door before the station you intend to get off to save you the hassle of an extra roundtrip ticket.

What are your favorite MRT tricks?