How to Be Fit As Captain America in The Winter Soldier

Seven months ago, I started to train my body in a CrossFit box. I noticed that most of the work involves leg exercises. I hated it. I kept going though because after seeing Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier, I wanted to move as fluidly as the “Star Spangled Man.” You remember that scene where he jumped off the plane without a parachute (I can’t do that), dived into the water, pulled his body up the boat through the chain (I can’t do more than two pull ups when I saw it), and parkoured around the ship tackling and kicking everyone effortlessly? I want to get “that fit.” Looks like Cap didn’t skip leg day and neither should I. I started with the body like Johnny Bravo. I had a well developed upper torso and skinny girl like chicken legs.  Seven months later I still can’t move as fast or as fluid as Cap but with the way I’m training now, I feel that in a few years I will able to be.

A couple of weeks ago, I joined the local box games. My team took first place out of fifteen teams in the first of four events. My team finished the workout the fastest. Not bad for a beginner. By the way if you’d like to join me work out, send me a message and we both get Php 1,000 off of the monthly fee and more importantly, we get to hang out.

Some thoughts on fitness.. Zig Ziglar said “By choice everybody weighs how you weigh because nobody ever claimed they ate anything by accident. Everything we eat is by choice.” That said, I imagine the same thing applies to fitness. I was looking through some of Tony Robbins’ audio programs and I came across one that got my attention called “The Body You Deserve” I was able to listen to an excerpt and I recall something about (and I paraphrase) you have the power to create the body you deserve. In fact, the current state of your body is one that you deserve. Considering this I began thinking about how my body looks and feels now is a result of all the decisions that I made a few years ago.

Success has no short cuts. Real life is far too similar to my favorite video games than I give it credit for (Fantasy RPG games like Diablo and Warcraft).

  1. You start at level one.
  2. You level up and upgrade as you play.
  3. Good strategies allow you to win more games.
  4. There are high level players to learn from and imitate.
  5. You get further ahead by having fun instead of taking things seriously.
  6. Take advantage of your advantages.
  7. Competing with other players involves getting better at what you do instead of removing other players from your game.
  8. Comparing yourself with other players is futile because every player’s situation is unique, admiring them however enables you to imagine what is possible once you get to their level.
  9. Building your character takes time.
  10. Don’t get too obsessed or attached, it’s still a game after all enjoy the level and eventually you’ll see the ending.

That said, Every rep and every minute of my work out counts. Every thing I put into my mouth counts. Every minute of sleep I get determines how well I recover and build new muscle. Every day I get stronger and stronger.

An okay plan that I'll do today and will keep doing for the years to come is better than the perfect plan that I'll try today and quit later because it's too hard or complicated. - Tim Ferriss Knowing and not doing means you don't really know what you claim to know. - Tony Robbins