How to Enjoy Travelling the Philippines for Two Dollars or less


It’s a nice place to take a walk. I’ll definitely take her here one day.

What would you wish you have done before you died?  Do it now. Don't wait until it's too late. Otherwise the last though you'll have on this planet will be regret. - Tyler Durden (fight club)

I recently learned that regular travel can be enjoyed without the using up lots of money.

I enjoy traveling but I hate spending money. I try to look for places that I can enjoy without needing to spend money being there. After all, if you feel that you need to spend money all the time then your ability to enjoy travel is limited by how much money you can spend.

Here are some things that can be done about that: Go for a stroll. These days we walk a lot less because of the advanced forms of transportation that we have available. We move too fast we don’t get to pay attention to the beauty of the reality we are in. Instead of stating at your phone or time traveling to the past or future start being present and take a look at your current location. Explore it and see what you can find. Windows shop or canvas items. There are things that you might want to buy. You can make wiser decisions about your purchase if you don’t a bit of research. Watch people. Life is truly amazing. Everybody is different. Notice what people are wearing or what they’re doing. Notice their mood. Think of how blessed you are and how much opportunity you have available. Get some ideas. Look for cuties. Smile and say hi. Enjoy the scenery. You don’t need to travel to France or the Swiss alps to enjoy the scenery. You can enjoy it where you are or where your feet will take you. Enjoy the solitude or the company. Whether you are alone or with someone enjoy the opportunity. You always won’t get to. Something is bound to come up and nothing is permanent.

Note: you can enjoy all the activities without spending a peso but in case you need a little commute fare or a bottle of water or a light snack take a little cash $2 with you.