Nexus Money Income and Expense Tracking Application for iPhone Review


Nexus money is a money management app that helps you track your spending and your income. Logging your expenses and income is as simple as pressing (+) to input income and pressing (-) to input expenses. You then type how much and you’re good to go.


The interface is a lot like a small card taped on a board that has your daily income and expenses. Which gives you a good view of where your money goes.


After using the app for a while you’ll notice that you now have some info in your reports section. There’s a graph and a list of what you spent on which you can view as a list or by category.

The list allows you to have a clear picture of how you spent your money and can help you making wiser spending decisions in the future.

I recall that at one point I was spending more money eating out and then I decided to work on reducing that expense.

The graph also lets me know if my expenses are increasing or decreasing.

You can try the light version but I recommend getting the full version at the app store.

Nexus Money is the only paid app that I have in my iOS device. In fact it’s the only one I think worth paying for.

There are a lot of money management apps out there but it’s either too compliated that you wouldn’t want to use it or it’s too simple that you won’t take it seriously.

Ther free ones suck mostly as well.

The only thing I’d like Nexus Money to have is cloud backup and access but that’s more of a nice to have for me than a requirement.


Here are tips on how to use Nexus Money:

  1. Key in your expenses everyday.
  2. Do it as frequently as you can and try not to let a day end without completing it.
  3. Add categories for expenses that you add frequently.
  4. Use the reports to find out what you overspend on over time and the daily view to see expenses that you can go without.
  5. Use the graphs to track your progress.


Nexus Money is created by Xiles. You may follow this link to download the full version of Nexus Money in the App store.