Problems You Might Encounter Biking to Work from Sucat to Makati and Solutions I came up with

In the beginning I had a difficult time biking from home to work and work to home. I live in Sucat and I work in Makati. I found it difficult at first but after several attempts and some adjustments to my approach and attitude I was able to accomplish what I needed to bike to work. At this point I can bike to work every two or three days. Mostly because I have a commitment to Crossfit (I’ll talks about that in future posts). These days I can take the bike to work twice a week whenever I can. 

Here are some of the problems I encountered and fears I experienced andsome adjustments that I made to  cope so I can bike to work.  Cars and trucks can flatten me. That’s a legitimate concern. At first I was always scared for my life that every time I took my bike I’d hug my mom as if it’s the last time I’m going to see her. I still do. What got me over my fear of death? Surviving my first ten bike rides. I learned the skills and how to behave on the bike.  I take roads where the speed isn’t that fast and I’m okay. I look before I move and I just let whoever wants to pass me to just pass me. Stay alert and observe your surroundings and you won’t be flattened.  

The pollution is too heavy. I found out that wearing a mask will fix that. At first I googled the best mask for bike commuters. Many of them are worth five hundred to a couple of thousand. Turns out I can do really well with a paint mask from ace hardware for a hundred fifty pesos. That’s less than four dollars and it’s overkill for most bike commuters but I value my lungs and I prefer not to be protected by just cloth and foam. 

Bikes are expensive. I agree with you there. Good bikes are expensive. I bought my first bike for six thousand pesos. I bought my first folding bike for thirteen thousand pesos. I bought my most recent bike for twenty five thousand pesos. You can sewer as your level. 

I might be late for work. I do my best to give myself an allowance. Usually an extra thirty minutes will work. I also suggest doing a test bike to work during weekends in order to guage the travel time. 

Taking the bike is longer. Based on experience it takes me forty five minutes to an hour to get to work. I find it faster than taking the bus often times. 

I’ll arrive sweaty and stinky. I often take my clothes to works. I have bike clothes and work clothes. I leave a few days of clothes in my locker at work. Some are at the gym. It’s really important to travel light so I asked my boss for permission to leave a bag with my belongings that I would need at work to be left there so I can only travel with my dirty clothes.  Extras: 

Here are some items that you might want to leave at work. 

  1. Toothbrush toothpaste and grooming kit. 
  2. Your jacket or cold wear. 
  3. Your work shoes. Just change when you get there. 
  4. An extra full set of clothes. 
  5. Some snacks. 

I hope this post helps your bike commute to be more comfortable. Please let me know about your suggestions in the comments. Thank you for reading.