Treat yourself to a small bowl of ramen for under a hundred bucks at Samurai


I had to cancel a hangout after church. I’ve been very busy the past few weeks and I’ve been working nights I didn’t have the time to relax, chill and do what I enjoy. Everything is either a challenge that I accepted or an activity that’s a bit intense. I’ve been looking for some alone time in a different scene.

I decided to give myself a treat I’ve been postponing forever.

When I was a kid I enjoyed watching ninja and samurai shows. I forced my mom to feed me at this fast food when I was a kid. We did so once and never went back. She didn’t like the food and I didn’t eat it. I just liked to eat there because it had the word samurai. I didn’t eat a lot when I was a kid because I was too busy playing with something.

I went back to try the food.

Samurai food is a local Japanese style fast food serving ramen and gyoza.  It’s not at par with the high end places but it did keep my taste buds satisfied because I needed a fast food fix for my cheat day. The noodles seem to be the local kind mixed with tasty ramen sauce with a generous amount of beef for the price.

It’s a good alternative to Chow kings wanton noodle that I order often.

The gyoza has vegetables in it. I had no idea it had vegetables. I was expecting it to be meaty but it’s quite good.

Place: samurai foods. Location : lower ground floor Robinson’s Pioneer. Expect to spend : Php 60 to Php 150