They say opinions are like assholes.

Everybody has one.

I’m an asshole.

And this is my opinion on zero waste.

I’m impressed by the zero waste movement.

The idea is you don’t contribute to a lot of garbage to the already expanding garbage of the planet.

I like the idea.

But I’m not devoted to it.

I don’t but reusable bags.

I take what I’m offered.

I recycle what I can.

But I don’t go out of my way to do.

I try to keep things neat.

I try to reuse what I can.

But I toss things out after they’ve served their purpose.

I grew up watching Toxic Crusader and Captain Planet.

I’m aware of the pollution.

And I’m doing my part.

And it seems like the rest of the human population doesn’t give a shit.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m older.

But I keep encountering zero waste advocates.

Some of it is crazy.

We were at a Chinese restaurant.

One of my companions wanted to bring home some dimsum.

Her husband was on her way to pick her up.

When she discovered that the restaurant packed their to go meals in plastic, she called husband to go home and get a glass container for her food.

So the husband, being a good husband, complied with the request, drove back and arrived in fifteen minutes.

I imagine that took 20 minutes of gas and 20 minutes of the husband’s time, her time and everyone’s time.

Many of us say that the most precious thing on this world is human life.

But sometimes we act like that’s not the case.

Someone posted a complaint about the struggle to become minimalist but her husband hoards platic.

Several people recommended to make ECO-BRICKS.

What the fuck do you do with Eco-Bricks?

That’s another time consuming project.

Another life-draining project.

I’m all for keeping your space neat and organized so you’re more productive.

But I don’t support the idea of going out of your way to “save the earth” at the cost of your life.

Life is measured in time.

The other thing is life isn’t permanent.

Life is not designed to be permanent.

So all this effort to prolong life is more tailchasing.

And just like a song, life will end.

If life doesn’t end, then there’s no real difference between life and death.

But that’s another shit long philosophical discussion.

I probably already wasted too much of my time writing this.

Thoughts on Plastic Bags

Someone posted a complaint about the struggle to become minimalist but her husband hoards platic.

This was my response:

I took a peak into your profile photo.

Your husband looks like a practical and intelligent man.

And he probably has good reason for doing what he’s doing.

Here’s my suggestion.

Use the plastic.

I think your Husband is hoarding it because he doesn’t want to waste it.

So don’t waste it.

Unfortunately, most modern plastic bags have some form of biodegradable component and will deteriorate and crumble into some form of powder when left alone for a few months.

So just utilize it.

Use a plastic bag to line small trash bins and as containers for items you’re letting go.

Use a plastic bag to add waterproofing for your gadgets if you’re hiking/cycling and it’s raining.

Use a plastic bag to hold sweaty gym clothes so the sweat doesn’t spread to the rest of your bag.

Use a plastic bag to keep your bag clean if you’re packing shoes.

Use a plastic bag to compartmentalise your bag if you need to organize something while on the go.

Use a plastic bag to hold tissue and small garbage inside your bag.

Then toss the plastic bag the trash bin before going home.

I always pack a couple of plastic bags if I’m using my backpack.

Don’t go minimalist for minimalist sake.

You have a goldmine of resources in a form of plastic bags.

Use it.

And maybe stop buying those eco-bags since you already have so many.

You’re being tricked by the marketing department again.


Last words

Big companies are probably funding the zero waste movement to shift the blame from large companies to the individial citizen.

Zero waste is also a profitable opportunity for a company’s marketing department.

Bamboo and steel straws.

Eco Bags.

More expensive items.

High-priced gear made from recycled material.

The wealthiest people in the world are employing the smartest people in the world, so they can accumulate more resources.

And they build traps that lure people into happily parting with their money.

So before you jump in and buy something for the environment, give it a little more thought.

Thank you for reading.

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