I found myself busy with work these days.

An eatery opened near our place.

They sell rice for ₱10.

They sell most meals for ₱50.

I bought some pork adobo ₱50 and rice ₱10.

I spent ₱60.

The eatery gives a generous serving but I eat a lot.

I scrambled and fried two eggs.

At the time of this writing, a dozen eggs cost ₱110.

Scrambling and cooking the eggs takes 10 minutes.

Here’s some math.

FREQUENCY ADOBO+RICE Scrambled Eggs Total Cost
Meal ₱60.00 ₱18.33 ₱78.33
Twice a Day ₱120.00 ₱36.67 ₱156.67
Week ₱840.00 ₱256.67 ₱1,096.67
Month ₱3,360.00 ₱1,026.67 ₱4,386.67
Year ₱40,320.00 ₱12,320.00 ₱52,640.00

I’m considering if this would make sense as a meal if I’m alone and in a hurry.

Cooking the egg myself is only ten minutes.

The cleanup is considerably less than making the meals myself.

I use time to save money on the eggs.

I use money to save time by buying food.

I’m not sure if the strategy makes sense or cancel each other out.

Only time will tell.