Franken Plates Available at Barbel Medic

I like buying pre-owned stuff for the novelty.

The fact that the item belonged to a previous owner makes me feel that the item has more character.

I’m a little superstitious.

I somehow believe that I absorb some of the positive traits of the previous owner.

When I was younger, I often asked my boss if they’re selling their old phone or computer when I see they upgraded to a newer model.

Maybe I’m just cheap and invented that story, so I feel better about buying second-hand gear.

One of my projects for 2019 is building my home gym.

I bought a barbell from coach Jason in 2019.

I’ve wanted to buy plates for a long time.

During the quarantine, I lost my primary income source and got stuck at home.

The stress of getting stuck at home was getting to me.

I wanted to work out.

I miss the CrossFit box.

I miss lifting weights.

I was looking at different options to get my plates.

The cheapest place that retails 25-pound Olympic barbell plates cost ₱5,000 a pair.

I found out that Coach Jason of CF Ortigas was selling what he calls Frankenplates.

Frankenplates are broken plates that have been restored.

They are glued together with commercial adhesive.

A solid wooden frame reinforces the plates and holds them together.

Cracks are also reinforced with staples and provide the stitched-up Franken look.

Whenever I work out, Frankenplates remind me of resilience.

Resilience is something I aspire to build in myself.

My training partner has previously been dropped, cracked open, and about to be discarded.

Barbell Medic has done a great job with the restoration and has given the plates new life.

If you need to restore your fitness equipment or would like to adopt a Frankenplate, contact coach Jason at Barbell Medic.