I go to Alabang Public Market to Eat Raw Liver

I also buy heart.

I’m on my way to Quezon City for a meeting.

I stayed with family members in Alabang the night before.

I didn’t want to bother anyone so I left as soon as I woke up.

As I’m walking to the bus stop I got hungry.

A few months back I tried an all beef diet.

Then I got curious about a Facebook group that I joined.

There were a couple of thousand people all over the world eating raw meat.

And discussing it on the internet.

I asked questions.

I watched weirdos eat raw meat on camera.

A Swedish dude on YouTube.

And a Filipina who claims her husband is a doctor.

She’s pretty enough for you to want to keep watching her eat.

But she claims she’s 50.

Or within that range.

But instead of a Mukbang.

Or social eating video.

You were watching this petite Filipina.

Pose in her bikini.

Claiming she does not exercise.

Claiming she’s in her 50’s.

When she’s not posing in her bikini.

It’s a show of her chowing down on raw meat.

It’s usually a steak.

Sometimes the video is she cuts the beef with a pair of meat scissors.

Sometimes she’s eating an eyeball.

Sometimes the brain.

Sometimes the heart.

And eventually, I want to try it just to see what it’s like.

I’ve been eating fresh beef for most of November 2018.

Once a week turned to twice a week.

Then almost every day.

Beef tastes a lot like tuna sashimi.

But firmer.

Then I got adventurous.

Let’s go try liver.

I hate liver.


I learned that I hate liver.


Fresh liver tastes great.

Like coffee jelly.

It’s actually sweet.

Not liver.

I reached out to my new internet tita and asked her details about eating fresh beef organs.

Then I went for it.

The photo was the second time.

I don’t trust the local food preparation standards.

So I asked the vendor to just put the liver in the bag.

I bit into it to taste and see if it was fresh.

Paid for it.

And walked away.

I was so hungry.

And it was so good.

That I was eating while walking.

As color went back to my vision.

I noticed the shocked look in the faces of the people in the market.

I hopped on the bus.

And an old lady who was seated next to me was staring at the plastic bag that I was holding.

I saw her made the sign of the cross.

I heard her mumbling some prayers.

I smiled and proceeded to ignore her.

Then texted my appointment that I’m on my way.

I took another bite.

And noticed that she was still staring at me.

I ignored her.

She moved to the front of the bus.

She got off as soon as she got an opportunity.

It really looked to me that she was got off the bus before her stop.


The liver isn’t very good after a while.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m full.

But it goes from incredibly tasty.

To I don’t want to eat anymore.

When I got to Quezon City.

A couple of hours later.

I bought some sprite.

And tried to wash the liver with sprite.

It tasted a little better.


I’m full.

As far as nutrients that you get from eating fresh beef liver goes.

I went to Jolibee for my meeting.

And ate a couple of hotdogs and eggs and I’m done for the day.