25 Philippine Lifehacks

Tips for eating anywhere. Not just the Philippines.

Recently I saw the film Fight Club which reminded me of my dad because Brad Pitt/ Tyler Durden urinates on soups and defiles food as revenge against people who treats food service people like crap. That got me thinking if there’s a way to get the maximum dining experience.

Most of my restaurant experience had been very pleasant. Maybe it’s because I am just patient, or a nice guy or easy to please? Maybe it’s because i hate seeing or hearing people who bitch around at restaurants for the most absurd reasons.

Sometimes people don’t get the best at restaurants. Sometimes a small dissatisfaction turns into an argument which escalates into a fight, or a class action lawsuit. Being the lazy person that I am I don’t want to engage myself in any of these kinds of activities. I don’t know about you but I feel it’s a hassle to argue small stuff or fight or sue people. It’s just too much work and it’s such a bother and nothing good ever comes out of it.

Here’s a list of my strategies and things I do:

  1. Try anything once or twice – I normally suggest going to a place twice because maybe you ordered something you didn’t like the first time and their specialty is still waiting to be tasted.
  2. Never go for eat all you can deals – it’s just a waste of money because you only get to pig out and you’ll feel stuffed after and never satisfied.
  3. Go for fine dining restaurants instead of all you can eat buffets – the price is about the same and the food is guaranteed to taste better.
  4. Eat with other people – share the bill and taste more food.
  5. It’s always about satisfying your taste and never about pigging out.
  6. Be patient with others – is waiting ten minutes longer really worth grumbling about? Think about this if you’re waiting the time is spent with your food being made special with either the good stuff or the nasty stuff depending on how you treat your attendant.
  7. If there are choices, go for the smallest size – You don’t really need to go extra large with every drink or meal. I know it’s how fast food restaurants would like you to eat but hey there’s more to life than that large drink/meal. Try more food from other places.
  8. Never order extra rice – if your meal has one cup of rice that will do. Divide your rice into four then go for it bit by bit.
  9. Opt for an actual restaurant over fast food
  10. Smile – You’re cute but people won’t realize it until you wipe that frown/serious look off your face. Nice people are nicer to nice people. The person attending to you at the restaurant is a nice person.  Attract positive treatment by displaying your positive attitude. Smile!
  11. Be nice and polite – The people who are serving you are in charge of your food it will affect your service. If they missed anything always say things in a nice or polite way. Always pay good things forward.
  12. Be specific – everyone has a different background and some people may take things differently from what you mean. 13. When in doubt, clarify. If you’d like your coffee black tell them.
  13. Ask questions – you’re not a restaurant expert. You don’t know what you don’t know. Maybe the restaurant happens to have the best salad’s in the area but you offered something else. Ask.
  14. Ask for the best – not the most expensive. A good trick is to find out what the restaurant is known for and what the waiter/waitress recommends. If it’s a match you have a winner.
  15. Service is usually 15-30 minutes – or longer but chill now’s your time to bond with the person you’re with.
  16. It’s Fine dining – enjoy being there, the ambiance, the people, you’re company, being there and just enjoy yourself.
  17. If it’s a date – now’s the time to talk. You’re alone together and you have the best excuse to talk. You’re waiting for the food. Time to get those questions out.
  18. If it’s a get together enjoy the company – maybe it’s the people you’re usually with, or people you don’t see all the time enjoy every moment.
  19. Don’t rush enjoy your food. 20.. Don’t work at the restaurant. It’s bad manners.
  20. Taste don’t gobble – what you’re eating is good food and you won’t appreciate it if you just put it in your mouth, chew and swallow
  21. Smell your food – Food can be appreciated by our 5 senses and smelling next to taste is the most pleasurable.
  22.  Say thank you – It’s a forgotten art and people who mastered this gets the best treatment everywhere.
  23. Tip well – just give them extra. It will make you happy because their service will be up to speed.
  24. Try a new place – Go out of your comfort zone and try something new. You’ll thank me for it