Why Filipina Women Make Great Wives and Mothers

According to a lot of foreigners I’ve met if they were to marry somebody outside of their race they would marry a Filipina. I heard it so many times so I got curious and actively asked around and I found out that among the foreign community, Filipinas are considered to be the best wives and mothers. Being a Filipino and I know it’s a biased opinion I’d say its no surprise. But seriously there are a lot of good things I believe that the Filipina is an international favorite.

In a typical Filipino family setting, the daughter is usually the favourite. Both Filipino fathers and Filipino mothers treasure their daughter as a gem or as some might say their most prized possession. As the daughter grows up she learns and masters housework and family budgeting from her mother. Her father at the same time supports her with all her needs and as a result the daughter passes on the same kind of care to her future family. Filipinas are ingrained with mind-set to work hard not just professionally but at home as well.

The Filipina woman is flexible and is willing to learn anything she needs. For high level skills the Filipina might need a bit of encouragement (Filipinas seem to have a bit of inferiority complex despite having been blessed with many talents) but it’s all good.

A Filipino woman does not compromise. To complete her mission she’ll gladly sacrifice herself (time, effort, dreams and all) to complete it. The large amount of single moms and women taking care of their families (usually both children and parents) are a proof of it. That’s what you can expect from the Filipina woman.

Love for family is the least you can expect from a Filipina woman. Since that’s the case this love for family extends toward husbands then spills over to the rest of the family.

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