Major Business Opportunity in the Philippines News and Media Coverage

There goes every possible positive media coverage - kevin olega
This is a part of Major business opportunity in the Philippines.
A major business opportunity in the Philippines is the news/media industry. We both know that the Philippines is a third world country and third world countries have more opportunities than first world countries due to the fact that it is not developed yet and that people who develop and improve situations should be able to make a profit from their efforts.

A few years ago during the Olympic games in Germany, a terrorist group had planned to stir up a war by kidnapping Israel’s Olympic team and holding them hostage. German special forces came to Israel’s aid. With the snipers in position and the response team ready to strike, the full moon appeared, making the appearance of the snipers visible to the terrorist group. Knowing they will be overrun by the response team or picked off by the snipers one by one, the terrorist group decided to conclude their terrorist act by blowing up their location which killed the terrorist group along with the Israeli Olympic team.

What’s interesting here is that this news was reported after the incident. After the incident means that after the incident was concluded and the German Government had been able to fully explain to the parties concerned. News in first world countries shows facts of what occurred reported briefly. Please note that what occurred means the news is reported after things had happened and not broadcasted while they are happening.

The news in the Philippines shows a major opportunity in the Philippines. If you’ve seen Philippine based news long enough you’ll notice the following:

I don’t know if these effects were intentional or not but it is clearly a display of the worst Filipino trait: The stomach to eat each other to make a profit. If you watch news for a week you will notice that the Philippine news and media team wants to project a helpless image for the Philippines and as a result discouraging investors and entrepreneurs from improving the situation in the Philippines. The news makes you feel involved without doing something, you're just updated. It doesn't really encourage you, in fact it makes you feel more like your life is miserable/heavy so don't spend time watching it.
There are two ways to make a profit:

Major Opportunity for Improvement

If you’re working for a news team, you probably know this already. I know your job is to deliver who, what, when and how but never why because that’s up to the people to think about. But please be brief when it comes to the bad news, we don’t need all the boring details of the matter. We don’t need opinions of relatives or live broadcast of the event. Stop showing images of the roadkill or reenactment of a rape scene on TV, or some guys brains on the floor. Please do not be an early warning device for terrorists by broadcasting sensitive information like live blow by blow hostage taking scenarios, courtroom drama for famous people, the Presidents exact location in a motorcade (Assassins will use this every chance they get). That is either private or can wait. Letting people know fast does not improve the situation. It merely lets people know. Stop insulting public servants, they need respect and privacy also. Its hard to work with media broadcast disgracing your name. Yes a lot of these people are corrupt, but a lot more of them are actually commendable.The parties involved need privacy to plan, correct and improve the situation.

Major business Opportunity:

If you’re an entrepreneur or investor or you want to be one you can start investing or building your business in the Philippines. Sure the news is yelling it’s not a good idea to do so but will that be your only source of information? Having only one source of information is a dangerous thing. At this point you’ll probably say well I have more than one I rely on the TV news, Radio News and Newspaper I also sometimes read news from Yahoo or Facebook. Well friend that’s not your only source. Try doing a market study in the Philippines. Talk to people who are making money. Try offering a product or a service before putting up your enterprise here. Invest small in a few places and see where that takes you.

If you’re a Filipino, do the same. It ain’t as gloomy as the news is telling you. There are more opportunities here than these people want you to see. If they were in charge they’d like you to go abroad and send money to your parents, wives, housebands, children etc. so they’ll buy the products advertisers are selling. Don’t fall for that. Look around for opportunity. Make your own opportunity. Try something. Actively look out for problems and provide a solution. That’s the opportunity.
Would you like to miss out on life's opportunities simply because you watched too much news?
If you really open your eyes to the possibilities what opportunities can you see?