Direction of Philippine Island Living as of August 2011

Hi Everyone,

I recently had my hands full so I wasn’t able to update the site. Now I’m back to help you. Initially I didn’t know what my site will become. Philippine Island Living seems to be a broad topic. It talks about finding life, love and retiring in the Philippines. It talks about opportunities to take advantage of. It also has comics about Philippine life. I’m torn between building a guide, a comic and a blog on this site.

After pondering for a while it seems that the best thing to do is throw everything I have on my wall and see what would stick. After all nobody writes well enough about the Philippines anymore.

I, Kevin Olega accept the challenge to be the front man and writer about living the Philippines. Now that’s over. I’ll get back to writing and posting guides.

I really believe in the abundance of opportunities here and I hope to make a lot of them available for you. Please let me know in the contact section anything you think I can help you with and then let’s see what we can do about it.

Thanks for all the support,