Jollibee is the most popular fastfood in the Philippines and is the only fastfood to rival Mc Donald's here in the Philippines. Jollibee can be found in almost any location in Metro Manila and at least 1 Jollibee can be found in almost any small town. Top sellers: Fried Chicken - Commonly known as Chickenjoy, this breaded, deep-fried chicken is among the favorite foods in the Jollibee menu. Jollibee boasts its crispy-licious and juicy-licious piece of chicken. Available in solo, double, and buckets. Spaghetti - Why do Filipino's put hotdog slices in their spaghetti? The answer is because it tastes good. Jollibee's version is called the JolliSpaghetti and is actually a sweet version of the Italian spaghetti with a bit of spice and lots of meat. Kids in the Philippines go crazy for this version and is the common request of most Filipino kids for their birthdays. Hamburger - Jollibee boasts 100% pure beef in their burger patties and their special "Langhap Sarap" sauce. Jollibee offers the basic Hamburger, better known as the Regular Yum. Hotdog Sandwich Palabok Fiesta Average cost per head: My recommendation: Jollibee is a fastfood and like any other fastfood you get a quick-fix meal. Plain and simple. If you're visiting or staying in the Philippines for long it wouldn't hurt to try this at least once to know what people are talking about. Is Jollibee better than McDonalds? Depends on your taste. There are meals that I like better at Jollibee and there are meals that I like better at McDonalds. See for yourself. Some people say that Jollibee is the Philippine version of Mc Donalds with a different set of breakfast meals, hotdog and palabok. I won't get into a debate here. Maybe later on in the comments. My suggestion is to try it for yourself. It wouldn't hurt to eat fastfood once, just don't make it an everyday thing.