Philippine Charity

In my other blog Minimal Changes, I talk about how a minimalist lifestyle allows you to give more. Seeing

kids in the street or old people makes me cry inside.

Everyday in the city I see several of them as I walk

around. I don’t know about you but I’m affected by

what I see. I recently wrote a post about saving

money. What if we redirect some of our useless

expenses to adopting a child or from someone from

the streets? What good do you think it would do? Not

up to it? What if you have household help why not

send them to school after a few years of loyal service?

Why not send 1 or 2 of their kids to school? Not up to

it? Prepare 1 or 2 dollars to buy bread from the nearby

bakery and feed someone from the streets/ Ots

amazing how a little extra cash can contribute to the

lives of others. Lets try doing this today. It doesn’t

take much.