This is so Unfilipino

The current trend in the Philippines is that a lot of people want to work abroad for what they believe to be better opportunity. The usual goal is to work overseas and stay there permanently, either sending money to their family or trying to migrate their family to a new land of greener pasture. 
A lot of people ask me if I had any plans to go abroad to work overseas and my answer had always been no. A lot of people from the Philippines find my answer strange and end up doing either one of two things:
1. They end up thinking I am crazy
2. They ask me why
Its simple really. There are more opportunities in the Philippines than I can imagine instead of going abroad or working overseas.
I created Philippine Island Living to write about the following Opportunities in the Philippines:
1. Opportunity to find Life - instead of living to work and consume the Philippines is a place where you can Live more for Less. Thousands upon thousands of people from well developed countries go to the Philippines to stay here because of the beautiful weather, people and they end up spending just one third (1/3) of their expenses while doing nothing.
2. Opportunity to fine Love - Filipinas are among the most beautiful women on the planet. Not only that but Filipinas are trained to be the ultimate Wife, Mother, and Partner (in no particular order).Filipinos are courageous but not too aggressive and will fight to the death for love more than any ninja, samurai, spartan or gladiator ever will. Talk about romantic.
3. Opportunity to Earn - The Philippines is a third world country. The Philippines is not a poor country as most Filipinos claim, but rather it is a developing country with big room for improvement. With improvement comes opportunities and Entrepreneurs are people who solve problems and improve things for profit or pay. More things to improve more opportunities for pay. It's that simple.
4. Opportunity to Retire in the Philippines - The Philippines is one of the hottest spots to retire and is a favorite in the global community. Unlike most European, American and Asian countries, the Philippines does not have hostile climate. We do not experience scorching dessert heat, nor the gloomy or sometimes deadly winters. The Philippines only has warm season and rainy season. Many foreigners go here for vacation as often as they can because they claim that all the good things they want can be found in the Philippines because they get to escape their hostile land, enjoy the weather, spend only one third (1/3) of their usual expenses while living in luxury, doing nothing.