Philippine Commute Tip EDSA Bus vs MRT EDSA

I take the bus over the MRT when going through EDSA.

It’s definitely slower because there are more pick up and drop off points compared to the MRT.

I get to avoid long ticket lines, and physical struggles to enter the train due to the massive number of people at almost any given time. I also don’t usually get to stay standing throughout the duration of the trip.

The best part about taking the bus when traveling along EDSA is I get to sit down most of the time. Buses have more opportunities to find a seat. There are some exceptions of course like during rush hour but I usually get my seats.

Buses operate 24 hours a day in EDSA and I get to support a local business that provides jobs for Filipinos.

Bus rides are relatively cheap with open air and Air conditioned variants.

Some buses allow vendors who peddle nuts, water, and some other snacks for times that you are hungry.

I do sometimes get to meet attractive ladies on a bus so keep your eyes peeled.