Take the MGP bus if you live in Sucat for added convenience


If you live in Sucat a good option to get to EDSA is to use the MGP bus.

The MGP bus is an ordinary “non-airconditioned” bus that runs from Sucat to Fairview.

It’s pick up an drop off point in Sucat is between Goodwill 2 and Caltex in front of Loyola Memorial Park.

The MGP bus seem to be the preferred bus of people who live in Sucat because it enters the Sucat road to stop at their terminal at almost every trip and the ones who live near the Sucat highway area, Goodwill2 area, UPS-V area and Ireneville area are within walking distance.

The MGP is that the ideal bus for people who would want to fall asleep because all the busses are equipped with a stereo and large speakers and the drivers play a lot of Love Radio, Big Radio and Win Radio or a cd mix of local songs and old school songs.

The MGP bus is relatively fast because it fills up with passengers from the terminal so it does not stop to pick up passengers at the Sucat or Bicutan bus stops. On the Southbound route MGP busses do not seen to pass by the Crossing area a lot because it usually hits standing when it gets to Ayala.

I now mostly take the MGP bus on my way to work.

What bus do you take?