Microplane Zester Grater is Worth Every Peso

I’ve been learning how to cook lately. My influences include Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay and Tim Ferriss, the author of the Four Hour Chef. My learning experience had been quite a blast. I started working with just a Chinese Cleaver, a peeler, and a pair of Kitchen Towels and now I have a full kitchen that I’m proud of.

One of my favorite new kitchen tools is the Microplane Zester. It’s one of the tools I bought last because of an expensive price tag. A hefty thousand peso price tag is a bit of a luxury as I saw it. What I didn’t realize then is that this tool can turn an ordinary meal into a luxury meal. I originally got this to extract lemon zest for my cheesecakes. The cheap one that we use at home requires a lot of effort and most of the zest sticks to the zester. After using it on the lemons, one small tap drops the lemons zest into my mixture. Easy peasy.

Two of my favorite use for this zester is when I tried it to on cheese and chocolate. The result was a beautiful texture on top of the bread. Home made ensaymada anyone? I thought to myself. When I tried it on chocolate, the results were quite beautiful. The dark chocolate get’s separated and is so thin it melts as soon as it lands in your mouth but stays dry and solid while on the top of the bread.

Here’s a sample of what I made. Most of the stuff don’t get photographed because they get eaten before I get the camera ready.

72% Dark chocolate + ordinary bread = Beautiful Meal


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