Debut By Juan Carlo Winner Katrina Vistan's Special Night

Debut by Juan Carlo recently held an online contest where they picked 18 finalist from a selection of seven thousand candidates across the Philippines. The eighteen finalists were selected based on who embodies Luxury, Quality and Elegance. Among the finalists, the winner was Katrina Vistan, a homeschooled student from Lipa, Batangas City.

I got invited to attend the event and write about my experience. What got me excited was the fact that I get to see Juan Carlo Catering in action. If you’re not familiar with Juan Carlo Catering, they are locally known as “the caterer to the stars”. They were the preferred provider for high profile events like the Ogie Alcasid and the Regine Velasquez wedding, the Zoren Legaspi and Carmina Villaroel wedding, and recently they launched Debut by Juan Carlo, a company specializing and focused on Debuts. Among their recent masterpiece debuts were the two young superstars, Julia Montes and Kathryn Bernardo.

Getting to see Juan Carlo The Caterer in action was quite an experience. They flawlessly execute an event that you’ll never forget. The venue was at Fernbrook, a magical place so beautiful, it’s like you’re in Westeros from Game of Thrones or insert your favorite fantasy world.


The music was a dazzling fusion of modern and classic. Imagine listening to Katy Perry’s firework and other modern popular songs played with classical instruments to serenade you for the entire night. I loved how every detail was perfectly done. Here are a few things I’ve observed.

This tells us that the people involved in the project care and know exactly what they’re doing. It’s a small party. One composed mostly of close family and friends. There were twenty tables.

According to Mark, all their best meals are here, which I couldn’t wait to try.


Everything is amazing and I can’t think of an event I’ve been to that matches the experience. I’m writing about this from a point of view of a guest.

So what do I think of the event? Everything I hate about going to an event does not exist with Juan Carlo’s service. No unnecessary waiting, no boring intermission. The food is perfectly thought of and served in its best condition. No hassles. All I do is go there and enjoy myself. Juan Carlo lives up to its reputation as the best food and service money can buy. If a friend is holding a debut or a wedding, I wouldn’t think twice about recommending Juan Carlo the Caterer.

 It was really amazing. So emotional. Juan Carlo the Caterer exceeded my expectations. Sobra. I'm super thankful. -Kat Vistan

20140617-181127.jpg You can find out more about Juan Carlo the Caterer at Had_an_awesome_time._Thanks_for_having_me._Happy_birthday_Kat___katistan_18__juancarlodebut__debutbyjc