Save Money By Eating in a Carinderya

Eateries, Canteen’s and Cafeterias are commonly called Carinderya in the Philippines.

If you work in the city and you have no access to a kitchen or have no time to prepare your food, you got to get your food from somewhere.

You can get a microwavable food at a convenience store like a MiniStop or a 711 or a fastfood or a restaurant.

If you’re on a really tight budget, then restaurants might not be a good option.

If you’re allergic to the taste of preserved food then you better stay away from convenience stores.

If you’re trying to save money, a Carinderya is a pretty good option.

When I was renting a place in Makati and Ortigas, I usually ate at these places because they’re pretty affordable and the taste is pretty good as well. Not every place is the same so some of my experience wasn’t pleasant but despite that, the experience was generally good.

I consider the carinderya a good balance of cost and quality. You can get home cooked Filipino foods at a really low price (about $1-$2).

Have you ever tried eating at a carinderya? What was your experience?