Hana Yo Is My New Korean Food Spot at BF Paranaque

Hanna Yo is a Korean restaurant in BF Paranaque that serves Korean cuisine and Japanese Cutlet.


I don’t recall eating at a good Korean restaurant. The only memory I have of Korean food is from the time I ordered Korean beef at a food court and not liking it. The only time I remember wanting Korean food was when I saw a TV feature on a “Traditional Royal Korean Dinner” which had like thirty to fifty side dish sized meals and would require me to go to Korea and pay about $200 to try out. So when Mau, my usual food buddy for the south invited me to try out her favorite Korean restaurant because she had a craving, I wasn’t too excited. Since I wouldn’t be seeing her for a while, I ended up saying yes, thinking about how far off before I get to try the “Royal Korean Dinner” and telling myself this will have to do.


Mau tells me that Hana Yo is a place with good and (keyword) affordable Korean food. Another plus point for me is that when we got there is that there are Koreans dining there. (My dad, who’s had lots of experiences with restaurants taught me that if a foreign restaurant has locals from their country eating there you can expect that the food is authentic.)

Since Mau, knew the place I asked her to pick the food. She started with Korean Rolls (a Korean Version of sushi that’s served warm instead of cold) and Jajamyeon (noodles with beef and a special Korean Sauce). Mau asked the waitress to split the bowl of noodles into two smaller bowls and I asked her if she was sure that would be enough? She said yes. I was looking at the price and I couldn’t believe her so I asked her to order another dish. She picked another bowl of Jjampong and had it split into two. When the food arrived I was surprised at the size and how filling the noodles can be.


We both went home stuffed even after the long walk home.

The experience was great, and the food was pretty good and super affordable. Php 600 would be enough to feed four people. If you’re tired of the usual meals, in the south and would like to give Korean food a shot head over to Hana yo at BF and try it for yourself.

Here’s what we had:


Food’s Here


Everything we ate


Hana Yo’s Apetizer


Hana Yo’s Korean Roll


Hana Yo’s Jjampong


Hana Yo’s Jajamyeon


Hot Jjampong