How I Shop at Ukay Ukay

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It usually takes me a trip to five different stores to find something I really like at an ukay ukay. -Kevin Olega

I got a lot of my work clothes from a local thrift store, commonly known as an ukay ukay.

I’m a guy and my experience involves buying bags, coats and jackets or long sleeved work shirts from ukay ukays.

In the Philippines, ukay ukay started in Baguio but has become widespread across metro Manila and other areas and the good thing is that there are more shopping options anywhere. I like it because I can get almost brand new items for usually a third of the price.

Ukay ukays or thrift stores in the Philippines are known for pre loved goods (other people say second hand) or factory excesses from over productions and sometimes rejects. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Here are some of the cool things I got from the local thrift store:

Porche design bag.

Minimalist work bag by Esprit

Minimalist messenger bag by Esprit

Work shirts from Esprit, Marks and Spencer, g2000

An a whole bunch of other things.

Here are some rules I follow when buying from the ukay ukay:

  1. I have to like the style, the brand, the fit, the budget I set and it should pass for brand new without stains or small holes anywhere.

  2. If it doesn’t pass the standards I set in number one, I don’t buy.

  3. I look for reason not to buy by going through my step one checklist a few times because I don’t have to buy all the time and I’m willing to go through as many to find the one I want.

That’s pretty much it. What’s your experience?