Majayjay Falls and the Town of Liliw Broke Travel Adventures

During out Broke Travel Adventure in Tagaytay, Kaye and Mau discussed plans for travel. Oh boy, looks like I put another roadtrip team together. They discussed their ideas of travel as Kay, Ralph, Gwen and I listened. Mau and Kaye were really intent on having another trip. Different options came out. Including staying at a tent in Majayjay, Boracay (sigh), Puerto Galera and a whole bunch of other places. We concluded the conversation and on the way back, too tired of the travel I took a nap leaving Gwen and the others to enjoy the view. The next week, Kaye told me to call Mau and Gwen to remind them about the trip because we’re really going for it. Gwen had school and couldn’t make it so it was me, Mau, Kay, Ralph, Kaye and April. I initially wanted to bring Sean because I’m pretty impressed at the way she makes food unfortunately she also wasn’t available.

We agreed that it would be a Saturday and we’ll leave super early in the morning and try to get there shortly after sunrise.

Mau and Kay got to our place at 3am. Ralph and Kay wasn’t here yet. We’re all pretty sleepy. I didn’t sleep right the day before and so did Mau and Kaye. Despite that, we were all pretty excited. Ralph and Kaye got to our house at 3:30am. We left immediately.

We had a stop over at Petron in Alabang to gas up. I bought them coffee. I was so sleepy I slept at the back despite the speaker next to my head playing Rap and R&B which was a nasty experience. I fell asleep none the less.

We got to Majayjay shortly after sunrise. The view had the usual green which I like so much. The early morning air was chilly. I went back to sleep. The road required going through zigzags and mountain like roads. Just like the ones going to Morong, Rizal only steeper. I went back to sleep. They woke me up when they found the place. Apparently Ralph and Kaye had the itinerary.

Let me tell you about Majayjay falls. Majayjay falls is as the name suggest, is a waterfall. People go there to hang out at the camp site and if you’re looking for a place similar to Boracay or any of the Batangas beach resorts,Majayjay is not the place for you. -Majayjay is hidden. -Majayjay is sought after by people who are in to nature trips and overnight camping trips. -Did I say People go to Majayjay to go camping?  The experience is fuller if you have a tent and a means to cook at the camp. -There are no super nice restrooms in Majayjay.

Ralph’s Plan and Budget. I had no idea what the place is like and I entrusted everything to Ralph. Me, Mau and Kay each gave Ralph 500 pesos. Ralph told us it would be enough for the trip, though I had the feeling he and Kaye and April pitched in a bit of cash to make this trip possible. Our budget covered: Gas Expense to and from. Our Food: (Barbeque’d Hotdogs, Rice, Pork Chops and Tilapia and corn) Ice Chips Charcoal Condiments Dish Washing Stuff Anything else I forgot. Entrance Fees. Camp materials rental. (Aparently the tent we brought wasn’t enough)

Kay also pitched in a box of Donuts from Krispy Kreme. Ralph volunteered his car and to drive for us through out the trip.

When we got to the place we were greeted by the guy who ask us to pay the entrance fee and the parking. After finding a place to park we settled in for a bit. Mau and Kay took their pictures. We then took a short hike toward the camp site. There were two campsites. One is pretty near the waterfalls and the other one is near a stream which was separated by a hanging foot bridge.

We carried our stuff to the campsite and as soon as we got there we worked on getting settled, which included preparing the tent and starting the campfire. We had breakfast and lunch from the meals we prepared and then headed for the water for a short dip. We left shortly after lunch. Mau wanted to go shoe shopping at the town of Liliw so we went there.


  1. Travel Light-hiking is no joke so you better travel light. All the strength in my arms got used up carrying the water cooler which contained the ice, meat and fish. Other campers brought folding beds and plastic chairs and benches. Yes, I said benches. I can’t imagine how they felt after the trip.
  2. Get enough sleep. Trips like these require energy and not having enough will make the trip feel really crappy. You might end up like me.



What happened after we left?

We went to this place called the town of Lilip and it is full of slippers and sandals you can find a pair for two hundred to five hundred pesos. We had dinner at Atoy’s, home of the famous deep Fred pork chops. Afterwards we stopped by a friend who lived in Laguna Bell Air. Before the drive home, we stopped by Nuvali to stretch our legs.

It was an exhausting but fun day for me. When we got home, I spent the nigh at Ralph and Kaye’s place for a couple of bottles of drinks and a movie. I passed out on the floor fifteen minutes after we got settled due to exhaustion.

I’d love to bring you to one of these trips. I hope we could go there soon. For now enjoy the photos.

Majayjay Falls - Photos











On our way out.

The town of Liliw - Bayan ng Liliw









Nuvali - Stretching our legs