Sushi Boi Will Satisfy Tuna Sashimi Cravings For Less

In a previous post I wrote about how Zagu changed my mood. What made my week was this part of the night. I haven’t had tuna sashimi in a while and I don’t have a lot of friends who don’t enjoy this meal because they find it too exotic. Good thing for me, Sean was just getting off from work and I was in the area.

There are a lot of Japanese restaurants in the Philippines however getting fresh tuna sashimi at a cheap place would require a bit of their experimentation. I love how Japanese restaurants are homey and classy when it comes to the ambiance. At times I just want to ditch the ambiance and just go for the food because of the craving.

Enter Sushi Boi. 20120214-120013.jpg

Sushi Boi has been my regular source of tuna sashimi when I’m on a budget. I go to the one in Pure Gold Agora when I visit my friend Sean.

Sushi Boi is a Japanese budget fast food that offers different kinds of Japanese food like the usual sushi, sashimi, beef rice meals and more.

I haven’t tried everything but their tuna sashimi is always fresh whenever I order and I’ve gone here to order tuna sashimi several times already. For Php 180 you can get 24 pieces of fresh tuna sashimi serves with Kikoman and wasabi.

Have a craving for tuna sashimi?

Head over to the closest Sushi Boi


Tuna sashimi buddies. 20120214-120314.jpg