Zagu Makes Me Feel Good When Im Down


I was feeling pretty down the past few weeks and if you’ve been following the updates on my other blog minimal changes you’ll know why.

With all the drama in the past few weeks I decided to give myself a break and go for Ivy’s advice and get myself a nice serving of tuna sashimi. While waiting for Sean and getting a bit thirsty Zagu’s sign caught my eye. I find the marketing idea pretty good and it said I feel good with a small serving of Zagu, I feel better with a medium sized Zagu and I feel great on a large sized Zagu. I told myself what the heck? And ordered an I feel better medium sized halo halo flavored Zagu. Complete with pearls, natta , mongo and corn the refreshing goodness of Zagu halo halo not only quenched my thirst but changed my mood. Zagu can pretty much be found in any mall or large enough establishment in the Philippines. 20120211-215958.jpg It comes in many favors and you can try one or treat me to one whenever you feel depressed to change your mood.