Xoi Vietnamese Kitchen Alabang Town Center Chinese New Year Grand Opening

For a long time, my only experience with Vietnamese cuisine has been from LJ’s sister who made us spring rolls with noodles in it and from Pho Hoa where I usually only get their Noodle Dish and as a result whenever I think about Vietnamese Cuisine, I only think of noodles.


I recently got invited to spend my Chinese New Year Dinner at the opening of Xoi Vietnamese Kitchen at the Alabang Town Center. On their brochure they boldly state that their restaurant is more than just Pho (Vietnamese for Noodles) which got me pretty excited to try out since Vietnamese Food automatically meant noodles in my experience.

For this event, I went with Eva of Whatever Eva and I had an amazing night trying out the food and sharing stories with her.

The event started with appetizers, some wine, an explosive fireworks display, the usual ribbon cutting, an interesting dragon and lion dance which taught me and Eva to next time, move away from the gong, and finally, more food to try out.

And now the good stuff courtesy of Xoi Vietnamese Kitchen:

I love their approach with Vietnamese cuisine. I find it both healthy and tasty.

The price of the items are pretty reasonable. I figure this would be a great place for a date or a small feast with friends.

I forgot to mention that they also had wine which would go great with their satisfying meals.


Thit Nuong Xa. Grilled lemongrass chicken and pork satay with scallion oil and peanuts.

(Top) Chao Tom. Prawns wrapped around a sugarcane, served with lettuce and noodles.



Two dishes here. Cua Rang Moui Toi, also known as chef Danny’s garlicky crab. Tom Noung voi Mi Toi, grilled prawn with garlic noodles.


Eva’s Favorite, Canh Ga Chien voi Toi. Fried chicken lollipops with garlic and scallions.


Two types of signature Vietnamese rolls. Goi Cuon, fresh rolls with shrimps, pork, lettuce and noodles. Bo Bia, rolls with dried shrimps, Chinese sausage, jicamas, carrots, and eggs.


This is Me (obviously stuffed) and Eva. Check out her blog here.


I’ll definitely come back to this place. If you’d like to also give it a try, head over to Xoi Vietnamese Kitchen at the Alabang Town Center near the parking close to Powerbooks and Starbucks. Look for this sign and enjoy the food, wine and company.



They also have a branch at the 5th Floor Atrium,SM Mega Mall

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