Tuor Lousoy Chicken

Tuor’s Lousoy Chicken? You say? Is that a mutant from a horror movie because it sounds like it. Long story short, a few months ago Ralph brought me to a place called Tuor’s Chinese Cuisine and ordered Lousoy Chicken. It’s a deep fried quarter chicken meal for Php 70 it comes with Chinese fried rice soup and a wide variety of sauces and gravy. It also tastes better than the famous fried chicken from “the house that fried chicken built”.

If you don’t mind a typical carinderya setting at the side of the road near an airport then head on over to Tuor’s Chinese Cuisine and order Lousoy Chicken. The skin is super crispy and juicy has a feeling that it melts in your mouth. The rice and soup are pretty average but the chicken is amazing.

It’s near the flyover near NAIA and its open till around 2am which made it the usual food stop for us during late night road trips.

They’re also the home of the chili oil thats as hot as ignited napalm.