Enjoy Twenty Peso Bibinkas From Bibinkinitan


Get the softest moistest bibinka for under 20php at Bininkinitan.

For the longest time, I’ve been seeing the food stall of Bibinkinitan and for the longest time I’ve been ignoring it.

My relationship with bibinka is pretty neutral. I don’t particularly crelave for it nor do I crave for it. So so as others might call it.

Recently, our family got a visit from a relative who lived in the states for several years and who’s obviously looking for food that is only mostly available in the Philippines. He got a box of six bibibkas from Bibinkinitan and when I tried it out it was pretty good. I have no food tasting expertise nor have I tried a hundred different bibibkas. I only tried a few and most of them remind me of puto.

I can say that for twenty pesos soft, moist, buttered bibibkas with cheese and bits of salted egg from Bibinkinitan is pretty amazing.

I usually get two for forty bucks.

What’s your experience? 20111228-015310.jpg