Retirement in the Philippines

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Retirement in the Philippines

At the time of this writing I’m 26 years old. I’m single and I’m looking for ways to support myself outside of formal employment. I hope to get married and retire in the Philippines. I’m open to travel. In fact, I set myself up to be location independent, hence, the minimalist practices I write about in my blog called minimal changes.

I don’t like the idea of being employed abroad for long periods of time but in case you were able to do that, kudos to you. They say retirement in the Philippines is great if you have money. What I like about the idea of retiring in the Philippines is that you don’t need a lot. If you have dollars, euros, pounds, yen or won it’s value can be multiplied by two, three, five, ten or more. Even if you have pesos you can still do pretty well if you manage your money well.

Retirement in the Philippines:My Vision

I see myself retiring in the Philippines with my wife in a small town outside the metro. We’ll get to enjoy the surrounding area by traveling locally and exploring our surroundings. I’ll spend most of my time taking care of my wide and on the side running an intentionally small business, doing freelance consulting, writing for blogs, sharing my knowledge for free and volunteering to support causes I believe in.

What is your vision for your retirement in the Philippines?